Easy DIY Cannabis Lube

Well, this is certainly a blog post that I never envisioned writing but here we are.

I’ve written about my experience with endometriosis before, but one of the aspects of endometriosis that I (and many women) often don’t talk about is the impact it has on a healthy sex life. I have intense debilitating pain from around the time of ovulation through the duration of my period. During this time, if I do as much as think of sex I will experience a sudden flash of burning singeing pain throughout my abdomen, pelvis, and rectum. At times the pain is so severe it shoots down my legs, around my back, sends me to the floor in the fetal position, and causes me to throw up. This pain comes and goes for two weeks out of the month, every single month. Due to the severity of symptoms, thinking about sex is off limits, so having actual sex or physical contact during this time is just not happening.

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Having half of a sex life gets old. Even during my good weeks sex can still be painful due to endometriosis and the impact it’s had on my pelvic muscles. Sick of the pain and uncomfortableness surrounding something that should be fulfilling and enjoyable, I made a batch of cannabis lube and asked my husband if he wanted to give it a try. He didn’t object. I’ve used cannabis suppositories for my endometriosis before and found them helpful, so I knew cannabis lube was worth exploring. However, we weren’t quite prepared for the result.

Holy batman!


You Must Apply 30 Minutes in Advance

Applying cannabis topically doesn’t work instantly, so this is one that takes a little planning ahead. And truthfully, this may add to it’s effectiveness - the element of suspense. We lathered up our nether regions with my Easy DIY Cannabis Lube, set a 30 minute Alexa timer (this was an official experiment after all), and tried our hardest to keep from jumping each other for the next 30 minutes. By the time the timer went off (it felt like 6 years had past) my vagina felt clearly different…like it was floating. I can’t quite explain it any other way, but it was floating. Think of the feeling of being high and now imagine your sexual organs feel that. That is what this was like.

The pelvic floor muscles that are normally contracted and tight in a response to my chronic pain released, which allowed me to enjoy sex like I never have before. NEVER. I didn’t quite realize the extent to which my muscles were wound up (and affecting my experience with sex) until they weren’t. The jabbing, stabbing, burning, lightning bolt pains I normally experience with intercourse , especially during that point in my cycle, were non-existent.

We both also felt an increased sensation and blood flow, which heightened the experience even more. After years and years of struggling with the effects of my endometriosis and chronic pain on our sex life, it was incredibly fulfilling and healing for both of us to have such a free experience with each other. My body wasn’t clenching or pulling away. What that did for us emotionally was beyond words. Physically it made us want to giggle like teenagers.

Who Can Benefit From Easy DIY Cannabis Lube

EVERYONE! Seriously, this stuff enhanced our sensation so much that I think it’s a must try for anyone. However, if you follow my work you know my heart lies with people with chronic conditions and that’s really where my thought process was when I decided to experiment with cannabis lube. Endometriosis and PTSD have negatively impacted my sex life and I know I’m not alone. 1 in 10 women are affected by Endometriosis. Every 92 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. If you haven’t experienced one of these things yourself, you undoubtedly know someone who has.

  • Individuals with Endometriosis or Other Forms of Chronic Pelvic Pain

    Endometriosis can cause multi-faceted pelvic pain that directly and indirectly inhibits one’s ability to have or enjoy sexual intercourse. Stabbing, shooting, burning, clenching, searing, throbbing pain, are all words used to describe the experience. Locally applied cannabis can help to reduce or eliminate these pains, while also relaxing associated muscles.

  • Those Affected by PTSD or Sexual Trauma

    The psychoactive properties of cannabis are widely known. They can be very helpful for easing anxiety and relaxing for sexual experiences. While topical methods like this cannabis lube won’t provide psychoactivity, they can be helpful for mitigating the physical effects of PTSD and sexual trauma. Trauma can impact sexual relationships much like physical pain. When triggered during sex, a person with PTSD may experiencing a clenching of their pelvic muscles or other physical sensations. Topically applied cannabis lube can help to unwind these muscles and allow for a relaxed and pleasant sexual experience.

How to Use Easy DIY Cannabis Lube

  • Shake well and apply liberally at least 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. While you can use more during intercourse, think of it more as pre-rendezvous lube than an in the moment friend.

  • Grab a towel. Coconut oil can stain the sheets.

  • Don’t use with latex condoms - MCT oil breaks down latex. That’s how babies happen.

  • Pair with ingested cannabis for ultimate effects. Cannabis lube is a topical application that only works locally, so for the full body relaxation, psychoactivity, and sensation pair with another delivery method.

  • Have a cup of water on the bed stand. You’re going to need it.

  • Have fun!


Easy DIY Cannabis Lube Recipe


Needed Supplies:


  1. Heat the MCT oil in the microwave until hot to the touch, but not burning - about 35-45 seconds. You can measure and heat it in the glass measuring cup.

  2. Warm your cannabis distillate/concentrate with a hairdryer (approx 10 seconds) or in a sealed bag in a cup of warm water to make it easier to dispense.

  3. Empty the contents of the distillate into the heated MCT oil. Stir continuously with the tines of a fork until completely dissolved.

  4. Using a small funnel, transfer the mixed oil to a dark glass pump bottle. Store in a dark cool place.

  5. When ready to use shake well. Apply liberally 30 minutes prior to sexual activity.


This recipe makes roughly a 7.5mg/mL concentration depending on the potency of your concentrate. This allows you to use the lube liberally. You can increase or decrease the amount of distillate or mct oil for stronger/weaker effects.

You can also make cannabis lube by infusing cannabis flower instead of distillate, but it adds extra steps that take away from the “easy” in the title.

Florida Patients: Many Florida MMTC’s sell distillate. My personal favorite and what I used for this recipe is Surterra’s Soothe Pure Reserve Oil. It’s a 1:1 ratio, allowing for both the effects of CBD and THC.

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