I'm Kristina, a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, counselor, and blogger with a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling. I've spent the last 15+ years working in a variety of medical, counseling, and rehabilitation settings; primarily as a counselor for people with chronic illness and disabilities. I'm currently the Director of Operations and Cannabis Health Coach at Florida Medical Cannabis Clinic. I'm also a diehard hockey fan (I used to play), nature lover, personal growth junkie, and it's rare to catch me not wearing my Vibram Fivefingers (toe shoes). 

In May 2017, my husband and I were hit nearly head on by a drunk, drugged, and suicidal driver going over 50mph.  In addition to my injuries, the trauma of the event flared my Fibromyalgia, previously unaddressed PTSD, and other chronic health issues. Life felt dark and out of my control, but I also sensed a new energy, a new alignment. The universe was guiding me toward a new path, I just had to surrender myself to what it had to say and give in. 

A few months later I woke up one morning just couldn't do it anymore. I wasn't happy. The experience of the car accident opened my eyes to how disconnected I was living my life. I had been on autopilot, constantly waiting for someone to hand me the life I wanted to live. I wasn't living authentically and I couldn't stomach it anymore. That morning I made the decision to change my life. I leaned into the fear and quit my successful, stable, pension providing state job.

I couldn't be happier. By living with intention and trusting that the universe is with me, I've opened myself up to live authentically. Everyday I make the decision to do the things that light me up and give me energy - like helping other people find wellness through medical cannabis, personal coaching, and healthy living.

I encourage you to stay and poke around. You'll find out how I can help you find improved health and wellness, along with blog posts and resources to help you live your best self. 



Work With Me 


From one-on-one support to workshops, learn more about how I can help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing so you can re-engage in life and find your sunshine. 

The Blog 

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Regular articles and videos on all things health, wellness, and personal growth including some of my own hard learned lessons from living with chronic illness. 

Medical Cannabis

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Everyday that I work with medical cannabis patients, I become more and more amazed at the incredible medicinal value it provides.. Learn more about how medical cannabis may help you or someone you love. 

“Before coaching I was stuck in a rut. I was depressed, pessimistic, and just not taking care of myself. My sleep was terrible and I spent everyday on autopilot. Kristina listened with a kind and caring ear and helped me to formulate goals and take action. Now I’m confident, positive, and making huge changes in my life. Best of all – I’m waking up everyday refreshed and energetic! I’m extremely grateful for Kristina and the dedication she showed to helping me improve and take charge of my life.”


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