5 Books to Learn More About Medical Cannabis


When I first found myself in the world of medical cannabis I wanted to learn everything possible. From scouring websites, to reading medical journals, to spending my entire balance of Amazon gift cards on books I soaked in everything I could. I've amassed quite the collection of books since then, but these 5 are the cannabis books that I use and reference the most - all for slightly different reasons. While not included in this list, I'd feel a little guilty if I didn't at least mention the Cannabis Grow Bible, a must have in cannabis lover's collection. Unfortunately Florida's medical cannabis program isn't quite there yet - but the Joe Redner case is trying to pave the way! 

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Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana
by Michael Backes

This easy to read, but evidenced-back informational guide is great stepping stone for patients new to medical cannabis. Author and expert Michael Backes provides information on how cannabis works, delivery methods, how to control dosage, and other must know information for cannabis patients.The book also includes strain and ailment sections, providing patients with direct tips for managing their conditions. 

I really like this book because it can be used as a quick reference guide - you don't have to read it front to cover. Just flip to the the topic or strain you need information on and you are good to go. Mine is so well used that it looks like it ran a marathon - it has coffee stains and all. Did I mention I don't even drink coffee?! 



The Cannabis Health Index: Combining the Science of Medical Marijuana with Mindfullness Techniuqes to Health 100 Chronic Symptoms and Diseases
by Uwe Blesching

This book was a toss up for the BEST BOOK FOR THE SCIENCE JUNKIE, referencing more than 1,000 studies from cannabinoid and consciousness research. Written by an ex-paramedic with a PhD in alternative healthcare, this book teaches patients to harness the shift in awareness that cannabis promotes as a tool for better health management. This is a must have for anyone with a background or interest in mindfulness, mental health, and holistic healing. 

The Cannabis Health Index is organized in condition specific chapters, with recommendations for use and suggestions for mindfulness based practice to enhance therapeutic outcomes. While overflowing with with science, it is presented in a way that is user-friendly and approachable. A great read for any patient or practitioner looking to harness the full mind body potential of medical cannabis. 



Cannabis Revealed: How The World's Most Misunderstood Plant is Healing Everything From Chronic Pain to Epilepsy
by Bonnie Goldstein M.D. 

If I had to pick one book to make this list, Cannabis Revealed would be it. It's presented in an easy to read format that's appropriate for patients and medical professionals alike. Written by a cannabis physician, this book weaves together clinical expertise, cannabis research, and touching patient stories to bring to life the rich world of cannabis as medicine. Addressing over 28 chronic medical conditions, Cannabis Revealed has become my number one reference when working with patients and addressing my own health concerns.

Including chapters such as the Safety Profile of Cannabis, How to Use Cannabis as Medicine, and Medical Risks of Cannabis Use, this book is a comprehensive scientific take on the therapeutic potential, applications, and limitations of cannabis medicine. It also includes an Appendix with useful tools like dosing guidelines. Each chapter includes pages of scientific references. 



The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness
by Steve DeAngelo

Many patients are so moved by their experience with medical cannabis that they find themselves itching for more - they want to share the message. The Cannabis Manifesto is a call to action for cannabis reform. Road mapping a vision of cannabis as a vehicle for overall wellness, author and founder of the world's largest medical cannabis dispensary, Steve DeAngelo, backs up his vision with extensive research and well formed debate. 

As someone who has long supported legalization, I found myself particularly moved by DeAngelo's vision of cannabis and how it can be harnessed for total wellness. It's easy to follow, easy to read, and an empowering take on the future of cannabis. 



Cannabis for Chronic Pain: A Proven Prescription for Using Marijuana to Relieve Your Pain and Heal Your Life
by Dr. Rav Ivker

I'll admit this isn't my most worn book of the bunch, probably because it's such a comprehensive approach for dealing with chronic pain that it's encouraging me to do things - like back stretches & meditation - that I'm much better at procrastinating about. Jokes aside, this book was a little slow to grow on me, but it really is a gem for anyone dealing with chronic pain. 

While many of us living with chronic pain are also living with other debilitating conditions, there is something about the experience of living with chronic pain that is different from all else. The suggestions Dr. Ivker makes in this book ring true to that experience while encouraging the reader to harness the full potential of cannabis by pairing it with other holistic approaches to healing.