Smokable Cannabis 101: A Deeper Look at Tools & Accessories

Every cannabis enthusiast has their favorite tools and accessories. When my cannabis friends and I get together there is at least an hour of showing each other our newest find and gadgets. I mentioned in Methods, Tools, & Accessories that I’d delve a little deeper into accessories in another post and today is the day!

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Accessories Deeper Look

Joint & Blunt Accessories

Rolling Tray & Machine
Rolling machines and trays are must have items for any active cannabis smoker, especially for patients with fine motor difficulties. I love to roll by hand, but a rolling machine gets the job done quickly and efficiently with little room for personal error. Trays are helpful for maintaining cleanliness and conserving medicine. You can buy these items separately, but they are typically a little bit cheaper when purchased together. Learn more about these items in Smokable Cannabis 101: How to Roll a Joint.


Glass Tips
My buddy Christopher Ray at Green Street Vapor turned me onto glass tips and I haven’t looked back. Instead of a paper filter, you can use a glass tip for a much smoother and cleaner smoking experience. The tips will catch ash, resin, and other smoke byproducts acting a filter. The first time I used one I couldn’t believe how much gunk built up. I keep a small glass jar of alcohol on hand and drop the tips in it to clean after finishing each blunt or joint.

I like Higher Standards tips, but there is a wide array of sizes and options available. If you wish to use them with a rolling machine pay attention to size and shape. For joints, I find it easier to roll the joint first, leaving a little space for the tip to be inserted after. Rolling papers are too thin and often rip when trying to roll it with both flower and the glass tip from the beginning. For blunts, I do the opposite and roll it with the tip in it.

Cigar Splitter
If you are using traditional tobacco blunts a cigar splitter will become your new best friend. It allows you to break the cigar open in seconds with a clean edge.

Pipe Accessories

Scoop Bowl.jpg

Scoop tool
I was recently given this as a gift and have no idea how I lived without it. Not only is this scoop tool absolutely adorable, it works SO well for transferring flower from grinder to pipe, bowl, rolling paper etc. Handing flower can destroy trichomes and terpenes, so the less you physically touch it the better.

Poker tool
Poker tools are versatile pieces of a cannabis toolbox. You can use them for clearing a clogged bowl or joint, popping out a screen, or cleaning stuck pieces from a grinder. There are a wide array of poker tools on the market and an even wider array of uses for them. Etsy and smoke shops usually carry adorable glass pokers in all sorts of themes.

Tamper/packing tool
Tampers are helpful for packing down medicine into the bowl of the pipe as you smoke. Packing helps maintain proper airflow and an even burn. You can also skip the tamper and opt for the back of a lighter, but the reverse side of a tamper is often a great tool for cleaning out bowls and popping out screens - a 2 in 1!

All in one tool
I haven’t found one I personally like, but there are different all in one tools out available that are great for patients on the go or who like to keep things compact.

Various “Dab” Tools
Dab tools are typically used for concentrates, but I have a few assorted tools that I keep in my dry herb kit as they come in handy for mixing flower, packing joints and cones, poking things, etc. Definitely keep your flower tools separate from your concentrates tools as they will make a mess of each other.

Glass screens
Pipes have a small hole in the bowl that allow smoke to flow through. Screens will keep you from sucking in a mouthful of ash or ground medicine. Glass screens are cleaner, help to maintain better flavor, and last much longer than traditional brass or stainless pipe screens.

Storage Tools


Glass Jars
Storing dried cannabis flowers in air tight glass, preferably in a dark cool place helps to preserve and keep your medication fresh. My personal favorites are wide mouth ball mason jars. The 4oz size is perfect for eighths.

Smell Proof Cases
Even in glass jars, flower can be smelly. I love these Skunk smell proof cases for day to day storage and organization as well as more discreet travel. Skunk cases also lock, which is an especially great feature if you have kids or are taking meds on the go.

On the Go Stash Jar
If you are bringing small amounts of flower on the go, opt for a dark smell proof jars as they keep light out. There are a variety of styles and materials on the market, but this glass jar is top of the line. Avoid storing cannabis in plastic or other materials that may leech, especially if it will be exposed to heat during transport.

Miscellaneous Tools & Accessories


Scale & Calibration Kit
Every cannabis patient can benefit from a small digital scale, especially for measuring accurate doses and cooking will flower or already vaped bud. To properly use a scale you must remove the flower you want to weigh from the original packaging. If you are weighing it in a jar or bowl, put the EMPTY jar on the scale and hit the tare button before adding your flower and weighing. You cannot tare an empty jar and then put an unopened full cannabis jar on the scale and expect an accurate reading - each empty jar will weigh differently. A calibration kit is helpful in making sure your scale stays accurate.

Small Scissors
Regardless of what your smoking preference, it’s also wise to have a small pair of scissors in your smoking kit - you won’t regret it. They come in handy for trimming blunts, joints, bud and more

Small sauce dishes

Small sauce dishes

Small Sauce Dishes
Having a variety of small bowls and dishes around is helpful for storing excess flower after rolling or packing, blending strains, and various things that happen during the smoking process.

Plenty of Lighters
What is it with lighters that they always disappear? We can buy a pack of 10 and three days later can only find one. Always keep extras on hand and stash a few in a drawer for safe keeping - you’ll thank yourself eventually.

Hemp Wick
When you use a butane lighter directly on your flower, you retain some of that butane flavor. Instead, light your hemp wick and use your hemp wick to ignite your smokable flower. It’s much cleaner and provides for better flavor.

Covered in detail in the Smokable 101: Tools, Methods, & Accessory post a grinder is a must have for any cannabis patient or user.

Grinder Card
While technically a grinder card can be used to break up your herb, I used mine for transferring ground medicine into joints and blunts, assisting with rolling a joint (see the video on this post), and cleaning up rolling tray.

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