Keeping a Cannabis Journal

Keeping a cannabis journal is a great tool to maximize the power of your medicine. Individual strains and products impact every patient differently. Using a journal to note your personal reactions can be especially useful for guiding future purchases and reducing the sense of overwhelm from the wide selection of products available. Journaling will also make it easier for you to see patterns so you can better tailor the medicine to your needs.

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Patient Journal available on Amazon

Patient Journal available on Amazon

Choose your Method

Do you prefer to write things out or use an app on your Smartphone? Choose the option that will fit best into your day to day routine - it’s important to keep up with it. The ReLeaf app or Strainprint are great options for people who prefer to go digital. Amazon sells a beautiful cannabis journal for those who prefer a paper method. I set up a cloud based spreadsheet document that I use to track my overall health symptoms, exercise, and medical cannabis notes.

What to Track?

As you begin tracking your cannabis use you will start to identify the information that’s most important to record for your needs. The below lists are some minimum items to be recorded. You may also find it helpful to record other medications, food intake, exercise, and sleep quality/duration. Some patients like to use a journal throughout their cannabis journey, while others prefer to use them as a tool to help get a medicine routine dialed in. Do whatever works best for you!



The Basics
Cannabis medicine name/strain
Delivery route
Ratio of CBD:THC

State of Mind
Your state of mind can contribute to the experienced effects. Before dosing take a moment to note the following:
How are you feeling? How would you describe your mood?
Were you particularly anxious, on edge, or feeling relaxed and calm?

Rating Scale - Note your symptoms on a scale or 1-10, 10 being the worst
Describe Your Pain (if applicable)
- is it throbbing, aching, burning, etc?


The Basics
Amount consumed

Time first felt relief
Time of peak relief
Time when feelings taper
Time when feelings gone

Rating Scale: For each time recording do a personal inventory and rate your symptoms again using the same 1-10 scale.

State of Mind
Are you more relaxed? Anxious?
Is it hard for you to focus or do you feel more dialed in?
Do you feel slowed down at all?