Coaching is the use of evidenced-based strategies and interventions to actively engage clients in the process of behavior change. As your coach, I will challenge you to connect with and develop your inner wisdom & strengths, identify your values, and transform your goals into action. I pull from the foundations of positive psychology, motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, goal setting, and cognitive behavioral psychology. I’ll provide you with unconditional support, empathy, and accountability to create a safe space for us to do the work. 

Coaching is powerful. It’s meant for people that are ready to take charge of their lives, get real with themselves, figure out what they want, and take the steps to get there. 

While I am also trained as a therapist, coaching is not therapy. We are not treating psychological conditions or processing the past. We will assess where you are at, explore your vision for your future, and really dig deep to connect to your inner strengths, desires, and motivations. Next, we will work together to set goals that matter to you and brainstorm the steps that you can take to get there. You’re in control, but I am not shy about holding you accountable and pushing you to reach for more if I think you are holding back. We’re in it together. 

Research shows the coaching accelerates the learning process and helps you to form healthy habits that stick. It promotes clarity, increases creativity, and fosters an environment for efficient and successful behavior change. It also lays the foundation for continued success by giving you a toolbox and methods that will keep your life constantly moving forward. 

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