20 Cool Amazon Gifts for Your Favorite Cannabis Enthusiast

Who knew that Amazon would be such a great place to shop for cannabis related items? It takes a little digging, but there are some gems. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite finds below. Happy shopping!

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1. Rolling Paper Depot RAW Smoker’s Kit

This set includes a carrying case, rolling machine, filters, multiple packs of papers, a grinder, hemp wick, and other smoking related accessories.

2. Skunk Sidekick Smell Proof Case w/ Combo Lock

I was gifted one of these cases and LOVE it. The smell proof WORKS, it’s sleek, light, and full of useful storage compartments. I rarely use the lock feature, but it’s nice to have.

3. Peace & Cannabis Leaf Mug

There’s something about mugs that always makes me smile and they are easy to find personalized to someones interests - like peace, love, and cannabis!

5. Cannabis Patient Journal

Geared towards new patients or medical patients looking to refine their cannabis routine, this is a thoughtful gift that will keep on giving.

7. Fun Cannabis Socks

I’m pretty sure everyone knows funny socks are the best gift ever. No explanation needed on this one. They come in a few different styles. Poke around.

9. Pineapple Kush Tank Top

YOU GUYS! You know I’m ordering this. Real life fact - I hate purses. Instead I walk around with a mini back pack - in white with pineapple print all over it. Now you know my excitement when I found this tank! Available in Womens and Mens.

11. Cannabis Heartbeat Hoodie

Hoodie weather is only about 2 weeks a year in Florida, but it doesn’t matter. We find reasons. This adorable heartbeat cannabis leaf design is all the reason I need.

13. Glass Screens

I’m not a pipe smoking fan, but glass screens are a must for those who are. Local head shops charge $3 each - so this pack is a STEAL. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

15. Beyond Buds: Next Generation Cannabis Concentrates and Infusions

A new favorite of mine, this is one that is a must have for cannabis enthusiasts. All of Ed Rosenthal’s books are superb, but Beyond Buds is a the most comprehensive and informative take on cannabis concentrates I’ve found yet. As always, the photography is glorious. This is a great gift for the Florida patient where the vast majority of options available are concentrates and infusions.

17. Cannabis Leaf Tapestry

I bought this for my home office and absolutely love it. It comes in two sizes and is well made, especially for the price. It’s a great backdrop for a couch, dresser, or bookshelf.

19. Pineapple Stashbox Set

I know I already listed a stash box, grinder, and pineapple related item but when else do you get all three of those gems combined?!? I’m totally cool with receiving this as a gift by the way!


4. Cool Cannabis Art

Pop this in a frame and you have a unique and fun gift for your favorite cannabis lover. This is a perfect office decoration gift for a cannabis industry professional.

6. Essential Oils Box

This is my absolute favorite box for storing cannabis vape cartridges, oils, and accessories. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet everyones needs. I have a few different sizes for different rooms.

8. Recreational Cannabis Tasting Journal

A fun gift for the cannabis connoisseur, this journal is geared towards the recreational patient who loves trying new things.

10. Chromium Crusher

I’ve used a variety of grinders over the years and nothing comes close to my favorite - the Chromium Crusher. The pollen catch is one of the most effective I’ve had and is easy to keep clean.

12. Dabbing Accessory Set

This is one of those gifts that never goes wrong for the patient or cannabis lover who enjoys concentrates. It doesn’t matter if they have tools already - they are one of those things that you can never find when you need it. Tools get misplaced, containers filled. Trust me when I say they are always a welcomed addition.

14. Cannabis Pharmacy

Are you surprised I made it a full 13 items without mentioning a book? Ok, journals are sort of books - but you know what I mean. Cannabis Pharmacy is one of my favorite total package cannabis books, especially for those new to medical cannabis.

16. Cannabis Leaf Necklace

Cannabis leaf necklaces make cute gifts for the cannabis ladies in your life.

18. Terpenes Matter T-Shirt

I’m glad I told myself to stop at 20 items because the more research I do the more my Amazon cart total grows. How cute is this shirt?

20. Magical Butter Machine

A dream gift for the special cannabis patient in your life, the Magical Butter Machine is a definite slam dunk. Make edibles with ease!

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